Running Skills with David Perry


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£120 for the full 8 week programme or £20 per individual session for those unable to attend every week (subject to availability).



An 8 Week Course with David Perry of Run with Freedom

Wednesday 9th October – Wednesday 27th November
10am – 11.30am

Designed for mature runners and would-be runners of all standards, as well as those who work with these runners as coaches, trainers, therapists etc. Coaching runners of all levels to become faster with less effort using the Run with Freedom method. Nobody ever gets left behind, as we work in an enclosed area.

Devised by David Perry, human movement specialist, running coach and personal trainer, this programme will take you from slow, plodding, injury prone, carthorse to free flowing, well co-ordinated gazelle!

The right mix of theory and practice so that you feel the changes in your body as your personal records tumble.

Why does the Run with Freedom method work so well?

Because it recognises that good human movement is at the heart of fast, efficient running, not just getting stronger or running harder or longer.

All of the following are covered and more:

Building an efficient running style, piece by piece, with drills etc.
Avoiding and managing running injuries.
Cadence, feet, fascia and free energy.
Using the whole body to run.
How to structure your training and recovery.
Balance and elasticity in running.
Mindset, habit and how the brain learns new skills like moving efficiently.
Nutrition and lifestyle pieces for different distances and runners.

To find out more about the Run with Freedom method you can download a free 20 page ebook here

Here is what others have said about this method:

“I was struggling with my running, so much that i questioned if i was enjoying it enough to carry on. Fortunately I found David and his Run with Freedom “8 Keys to Fast, Efficient, Effortless Distance Running Programme”. David’s enthusiasm is infectious, his expertise is obvious. I started seeing improvements instantly, and recent results include breaking a 15 month PB! More importantly I am enjoying my running more than ever. Thank you David.” (Trev Hunt)

“I’m really enjoying the Speed Sessions with David, they’re giving me lots to think about and so interesting to learn about different aspects of running and form.” (Imogen Jones)

“ I was focused on only going faster and going further. That made me not enjoy my runs and I forgot why I was doing it. Then it brought injuries, achilles, back and knees. Am Now focusing on enjoyment before pain!” (Eric Floch).

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