Sunset Pilates (3 weeks only)

From: £13.50

Pilates at sunset in the open air of Collins Farm.

17th August
24th August
31st August

The classes will be capped at 10 people due to space in the Tipi. However, we hope that most, if not all, classes will be able to take place out in the field in which case more spaces will be made available 24hrs in advance each week dependent on the weather.

Pilates is described as a Mind-Body form of exercise. It is not just about the moves themselves, but about developing a greater sense of self awareness by doing the exercises. This awareness gives you confidence in your movement and the ability to adapt and change movement patterns so they become stronger, less tense and more comfortable. Pilates is a fitness technique which can be enjoyed by all, encouraging individual progress in a non-competitive environment. It’s a great way of relieving stress and tension and can dramatically improve strength, flexibility, tone, posture and coordination.

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