Please check in when you arrive and check out before you leave. You do this by sending a WhatsApp to Leah on 07800995518
It is an independent workout – you will not be coached or accompanied by any Fitness At The Farm staff but we ask that you must stick to the plotted route. You can arrive at any point within the 90 minute session and run for as long as you like within the time frame.
I have marked out a 2.5k route around the farm for you to enjoy. It’s a great distance for people who are new to running and want to start by running or walking one loop. Or, if you’re like me and tend to opt for a 5k distance you can go around twice. If you want to build on that you can add a third or even fourth lap.
The farm is lovely and flat, but has some undulations (aka potholes) to challenge your core stability as you run. Running on the farm is much better for your joints than pounding the pavement. Plus you get to watch all the hares galloping around, the kites swooping above and may even spot a deer or two. It is also a safer environment as the farm is private.


Running At The Farm

From: £5.00

Waiting list

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Session Time

You must check in when you arrive and check out before you leave. You do this by sending a WhatsApp to Leah on 07800995518.

Hazards & Risks

  • The farm is a working farm so there may be vehicles driving along the running path. Please be aware of your surroundings.
  • The ground can be uneven in places, with some potholes to watch out for. You will need to watch your footing.
  • If you are running in the dark, you MUST wear a head torch or body torch.
  • You are welcome to run with your dogs, however there is a lot of wildlife on the farm, including hare and deer which your dog may want to chase. The farm is closed off by fencing and hedges, but dogs are still at risk of chasing wildlife through or over these. You may need to keep your dog on a lead if you are worried about this. You take full responsibility for any dogs or human dependents that you bring with you to these (and all other) sessions.
  • The grass is quite long in some places so you may want to wear waterproof footwear if you want to avoid wet feet. If you don't mind this, then normal trainers are fine.
  • There is always risk of ticks and other insects that may be found in long grass, so be aware of this and cover yourself as much as you are able.

First Aid

There is a first aid kit in the tin Shepherds Hut next to the Tipi which includes:

  • Defibrillator
  • Ice packs
  • Eye wash
  • Glucose energy shots
  • Blankets
  • Plasters and bandages
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Tweezers

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