It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly been a year since the first Fit Farm Festival!  Along with a crack team of the best independent businesses in Oxford, we held an amazing day of fitness, food and fun in the countryside!  Despite a spot of classic English weather, we all had an excellent time – so good, that we’re doing it again!  Teaming up with our friends again, we want to make this year’s festival bigger, and better than ever!

This year, The Project PT will be running Boxfit sessions and deadlift workshops.  These are some of our most popular sessions at our Magdalen Road gym, and for good reason!

Our Boxfit sessions are run by our qualified coaches, who all have backgrounds in combat sports and martial arts.  Designed to be appropriate for all levels of ability, we’ll take you through a warmup, teach you the fundamental movements of Boxing, get you working with a partner hitting pads, and smashing out a bodyweight circuit to finish!  Boxing is an excellent conditioning workout, but more than that, it can improve your coordination, balance, reaction times, proprioception, and self confidence.  We love seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces once they’ve finished a tough Boxfit session – and we can’t wait to see yours amongst them!

The deadlift is one of the most efficient strength training movements that you can use in the gym.  This is because it trains our entire posterior chain – the muscles on the back side of our body, all at once!  From our calves all the way to our traps, this lift will get you strong.  However, many people are afraid of the deadlift, as it has garnered an unfair reputation as being dangerous for your back, or only for powerlifters.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  We believe that strength training is for everyone, and so at our deadlift workshop, you’ll learn how to perform this lift safely and effectively.

We’ve been having a great time meeting so many new people at our Magdalen Road gym – it’s been so wonderful seeing our community grow.  We’re so excited to see everyone at Fit Farm Festival 2022 – just bring a pair of wellies, just in case!

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