Some of you may be out there looking at events like Fit Farm Festival and thinking how much you’d love to go…but you don’t have anyone to go with.

This is such a common thing. Finding friends to accompany us on some of our more adventurous pursuits can be hard. Whether it’s bad timing and no-one is free, or they have responsibilities keeping them away. It could be a cost thing, a transport or logistical issue, or just that you don’t know anyone who would enjoy it as much as you.

There have been several times over the past few years where I’ve booked or wanted to book theatre tickets, concerts, festivals, retreats, or workshops but struggled to find a partner or group to go with. Sometimes this has put me off going, but other times I have just decided that I want to do this and so I will do it by myself. I have so far not regretted a single one. These have been great days where I have either met some fabulous new people or just had a great experience by myself.

Meeting new people at these kind of events can be the best part of the day. You may have one of those lovely moments where you make a friend for an hour and then go your separate ways, or you could make a friend for life. Last year we witnessed lots of new friendships being made and it made our hearts sing. Finding new friends who share a common interest is something we are never too old for.

At Fit Farm Festival we would never want anyone to miss out on coming because they are worried about coming alone. So we wanted to make a point of welcoming solo festival goers!

Festivals can be great places to meet new people, even if it’s just Alexa, Ajaye and I (your festival hosts) who are always up for a chat. Or you may discover some amazing local businesses that you didn’t know about before. It could be your Aerial Yoga awakening or the first time experiencing Stand Up Paddleboarding.

There is so much to get out of a day like Fit Farm Festival and by coming alone, you are totally free to do whatever YOU want to do.

Want to do back to back strength and fitness? Go for it. Want to try every single yoga class. Go for it. Want to just attend a few talks and eat some pizza? Go for it. You can sprint around our 1 mile fun run and break your PB if you want, or you can skip that run altogether and have a beer, with no one to make you feel bad about it!

Welcome solo festival goer…it’s your day!

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